Is Apache Hadoop 3.4 Released?

No information

There is no release information about Apache Hadoop 3.4

Latest stable version of Apache Hadoop is 3.3 has been released in August 2022.


To check which version of Apache Hadoop you are using, run the following command in a terminal window:
hadoop version

About Apache Hadoop

Hadoop is a data-oriented framework, it is developed and maintained by the Apache organization, it was first released in the mid-2000s, and it is highly popular even nowadays in 2021. Hadoop is a specific project that has many different modules inside it. The entire goal of Apache Hadoop, like most of the products offered by Apache, is to create and help create open-source software. Hadoop specifically is aimed towards helping make data computing scalable, reliable, and most importantly, distributed. Hadoop can be used to scale servers upwards. Starting from hosting offered by one machine, Hadoop is designed to help scale up and distribute the workload to a large cluster of computers.

Hadoop has a myriad of uses since its purpose is to help developers and initiatives make their ideas come to reality. Nevertheless, with the way that Apache Hadoop holds its software structure, and with the particular set of strengths that it has, it holds its most prominent use in big data hosting and helping develop applications oriented towards big data. Hadoop itself advertises its capability to handle real-time data, which can be very useful when developing applications for physical devices that measure things in the real world. This is of course strongly related to the “Internet of Things” wave, where everything that we use will eventually be linked to the internet and will transmit data which in turn can be used to extract trends and help us improve our environment.

Hadoop has a number of features that have helped it become so widely adopted. First, it specializes in being extremely fault-tolerant. Since Hadoop is a framework oriented to help with data analysis and storage, being fault-tolerance oriented is crucial for the reliability of the applications developed with it. Hadoop has a proprietary load-distributing system that makes it extremely powerful for big data applications without needing a supercomputer to run a single instance of a data-related server.


Hadoop has been making life easier for developers since its initial release on the first of April of 2006, making it a relatively new software with a lot of room for growth and improvement as technological capacities get larger and more advanced. We are currently in the 3.3x version released in the month of July 2020. Release cycles for Hadoop are larger than the average software, but the professional and user community of support make it an extremely useful and reliable framework to use at any given date.